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East Midlands Chamber News

Rock Fall launches new foot scanning service


Safety footwear specialist Rock Fall has launched a new Activ-Step® Feetbox 3 Feet solution to ensure improved comfort and wellbeing at work.


The Activ-Step® Footscan system  aligns and scans feet using an innovative self-service interface.


Once the reading is complete, the system will display the users foot size in a UK, EU and US. The unit will also provide a recommendation of which of the Activ-Step® 3Feet footbeds are most appropriate for the wearer.


The unit works by taking thousands of images of the underside of the subjects feet. It then builds and analyses a digital 3D profile to make a recommendation. Based on this analysis the system will recommend either a low, medium or high arch support.


The right insole can aid plantar fasciitis, fatigue, achilles tendonitis, pronation/supination instabilities and back and knee pain.


The footbeds have been designed specifically for industrial workplaces, and include anti-static stitching and tape for product assurance purposes, enabling companies to provide tailored safety footwear to staff.


With studies showing that as much as 90% of the population could benefit from the use of better insoles. The evidence is clear that comfort at work is a key part of health and wellbeing.


The service has been well received by the industry, with several large employers in the Derbyshire area already utilising it.


Rock Fall will be working with its authorised distribution partners around the UK to offer this to the self-select retail market, in SMEs and in large corporate workplaces.

More information can be found at https://www.rockfall.com/brands/activ-step/