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East Midlands Chamber News

Chamber reacts to ‘no deal’ Brexit technical notices


Scott Knowles, Chief Executive at East Midlands Chamber, said: “Businesses have many questions about Brexit and we’ve been calling on Government for some time to provide further clarity where it can.


“Today’s papers – and those due to follow – are a start, but much more is needed. In many places, the papers only scratch the surface of the questions businesses have.


“In particular, today’s paper concerning continuing trade with the EU if there’s no deal does not do enough to respond to businesses concerns.


“It seems that all the paper does is advise that businesses should have contingency plans for possible delays at customs, should expect to have to renegotiate contracts, could face non-EU trading regulations even for goods moving to and from the EU, may face additional paperwork and may have to pay VAT upfront, which could affect cash flow.


“These are exactly the same warnings we’ve been giving for quite a long time through our Brexit Advisory Group. Business needs to plan for long-term investment but can’t make those plans when the future remains so uncertain.”