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Zero emission vehicles - funding to drive development and adoption

Up to £22m is available for industry-led research and innovation that accelerates the uptake and use of zero-emission vehicles in the UK.


The competition is looking for low-cost, highly-integrated systems that support zero-emission journeys for cars and other vehicles including buses, motorbikes and large trucks, Government has announced this morning.


The Office for Low Emission Vehicles is working with Innovate UK to deliver the funding.


UK Government’s strategy to clean up transport, The Road to Zero, has an objective for all new cars and vans to be effectively zero emission by 2040.


In order to improve air quality and provide a better environment for people, there needs to be a massive expansion of infrastructure that supports clean technology and a leap forward in the development of cars, vans and trucks that produce low or zero emissions.


This competition will support the Government’s aim to accelerate adoption and grow a strong, clean economy, putting the UK at the forefront of the global market.


It will help to achieve Government’s modern Industrial Strategy, one of the grand challenges of which is looking at transforming the movement of people, goods and services.


For more details, visit www.gov.uk.