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East Midlands Chamber News

Reaction to Prime Minister asking for Article 50 extension

Scott Knowles, Chief Executive at award-winning East Midlands Chamber, said: “There are two things business really does not need right now with Brexit.


“One is the disruption that could follow a no-deal exit nine days from now, which remains a possibility. The other is yet more delay, with no clear idea of where we will end up, whether for three months - as indicated this morning - or an indefinite period, resulting in yet more doubt and uncertainty for the future.


“What business needs – and remember it is business that trades with the EU and other blocs and countries around the world to create jobs and wealth for UK plc  – is clarity, whether Brexit happens or not.


“Clarity creates the essential confidence for businesses to be able to plan for future investment in premises, plant and people. The continuing doubt and uncertainty over Brexit is crushing confidence and stifling growth.”