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Growth Partners share checklist of what businesses may need in the next two months

Is your business Brexit ready?

It's the big, bad B word that has come to feel like a national headache for many Brits, whether having voted to leave or remain.

With politicians failing to push the Brexit conversations towards any feasible conclusion, the jury's still out as to how businesses can best prepare for a post-EU Britain.

Honing in on the impact of Brexit on small businesses, a survey carried out by the teams at Sage & YouGov shines a light on the levels of confidence business owners have in preparing for what’s to come.

Asking UK employers how prepared they feel, the figures show:

· While 66% say Brexit will impact their business, only 21% of small businesses have started adapting their processes in preparation.

· 40% of UK employers aren’t sure when to begin preparing and 34% aren’t sure how much time they will need.

· 45% of UK employers say Brexit is impacting their confidence—and is therefore having a knock-on effect on their business.

With confidence levels continuing to nosedive, we've put together a checklist of employer must-dos. Whilst the scale of change is still being debated, it’s important that we make use of the facts that we do know...

“Getting your business prepared for Brexit is not the easiest of tasks,” states CEO Paul Bresnihan, “especially whilst negotiations are back and forth. No one can say for sure how this whole business is going to play out, but even though official changes are yet to be defined the opportunity for growth is there for business leaders who choose to take it. When the time comes, any business stuck in auto-pilot runs the risk of being left behind.”

Now is the time to take full stock of your company by making an inventory of your processes. To check our Employer checklist of must-dos, read our full article here: