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The Sygnet Group undergoes a rebrand

Some pretty radical changes have been occurring at Leicester’s Sygnet Signs HQ recently. Indeed, the long-established trade signage company has just undergone a radical rebrand and become The Sygnet Group, a move that’s enabled it to diversify into some exciting new areas.

Sygnet Signs was started way back in 1974 by Mick Iley, and the company has been a member of the East Midlands Chamber since ten years after its inception. Back then. Sygnet was a small, family-run operation supplying signage to local shops and businesses, however, the company soon blossomed and began tackling much larger, more complex projects.

One of the first UK trade signage companies to adopt LED illumination from its very earliest days some 15 years ago, Sygnet has always prided itself on being at the cutting-edge in terms of innovation and forward-thinking practices.

Retiring from the business with almost 40 years under his belt, Mick Iley handed over the reins to his son, Gary, who’d worked his way up from the shop floor to become the company’s Managing Director. But, while many signage and fabrication companies are content to simply run in the same old way, Iley, a former champion motorbike racer, wants Sygnet to become more than just the sum of its parts.

So it’s with this overwhelming desire to win in mind that The Sygnet Group was formed, and now encompasses, amongst other ventures, a new e-commerce LED lighting website and an ever-expanding chain of Leicestershire vape stores.

Iley believes that the move into supplying households with energy-efficient LED lighting products is a natural progression. He explains: “We started providing our trade signage clients with LED solutions about 15 years ago, so the new LED lighting business is simply the evolution of what we already do. Now, rather than just supplying the trade, we supply to people’s homes as well.

“LED represents a much greener, more energy-efficient way for people to light their homes, and with the ban on halogen-based light sources now in place, the market for LED technology is only set to grow.”

But, while Brexit has put the fear of God into many small to medium-sized sign companies, causing them to batten down the hatches and hope for the best, Sygnet is actually expanding its operations and meeting its challenge head-on.

To achieve this carefully-planned expansion, Iley has invested in quite a bit of local talent. Indeed, the team of writers, web-developers and sales and marketing personnel he’s assembled has built the ledmonkey.com website from the ground up and has its sights set firmly on success.

All of this progression and diversification doesn’t mean that Iley and Sygnet are neglecting the signage and manufacturing side of the business, however – not a bit of it, as Iley explains: “We’ve actually had a really excellent year and have made all the signage in-house for a big football stadium as well as supplying some major international sporting events. We feel the best form of defence is attack, and plan to be around for another 45 years…at least.”

Normally quite publicity shy himself, Gary and his new business ventures have recently been the subject of several magazine and newspaper articles. A far cry from the company’s humble beginnings, but definitely the shape of things to come if his marketing team has anything to do with it.

Gary also has plans to become much more involved in the East Midlands Chamber’s events. He says: “The signage and fabrication industry is so busy and we literally haven’t had the time to engage with other members of the Chamber. Now we have a new and enthusiastic team in place, we fully intend to remedy that situation.”