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East Midlands Chamber News

Chamber comment on Brexit extension


Commenting on the EU’s vote last night to grant Britain a further six-month extension to Article 50, Scott Knowles, Chief Executive at award-winning East Midlands Chamber*, said: “This extension buys Parliament some time to come to a consensus, but they can’t afford to squander it.


“Politicians must urgently agree a way forward. It would be a disaster for business confidence and investment if a similar late-night drama were to be played out again in October.


“Business doesn’t plan for days, weeks or months ahead, it makes strategies for three, five and even ten years ahead for investment in premises, plant and people.


“For nearly three years business has been stifled by the doubt and uncertainty of Brexit and now faces six more months without clarity on what the eventual outcome will be.


“These continued delays are damaging the UK’s reputation around the world, both politically and professionally. They need to stop so that business can regain the confidence to make longer-term investment plans.


“Our businesses and our communities need resolution on Brexit and for Government to return its focus to pressing domestic issues, which have been ignored or marginalised for too long.”