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Hardy Signs introduces holographic 3D LED visual fan

Professional signage company Hardy Signs has integrated digital signage into its products and services over the past decade. Digital solutions include indoor and outdoor digital signs, freestanding screens, wall mounted LCD, videowall, digital advertising, to name a few.

Holographic 3D LED Visual Fan is the latest product from Hardy Signs in the digital signage provision.

With Persistence of Vision (POV) technology, Hologram 3D LED Visual fan is a kind of display which can present holographic 3D visual effect through a series of high-density LED rotating objects imaging.

This technology represents the future of visual advertising and communication; in a digital age where that very process proves more and more difficult. The 3D visual effect is created by two or four blades of ultra-high-density LED lamp beads – firing as the blades rotate to display unique viewing experience.

In 1972, Lloyd Cross developed the integral hologram by combining white-light transmission holography with conventional cinematography to produce moving three-dimensional images. Sequential frames of 2-D motion-picture footage of a rotating subject is recorded on holographic film. When viewed, the composite images are synthesized by the human brain as a 3-D image.

Similar to Lloyd Cross’ research and development, this product consists of sequential frames of 2D and 3D motion-picture and video footage of a rotating digital display recorded on a holographic film. The human brain perceives this as a 3D display.

You can install these displays on a wall or a stand and control the software and content via any normal PC or Wi-Fi. Formats recognised include jpeg, gif, mp4, avi, apeg, etc.

Businesses from almost any sector can use 3D holographic fans to promote a product, convey a message or simply achieve fantastic brand recall. From exhibitions to product launches… these products are simple to install and deliver maximum impact for their value.

Founder and Managing Director of Hardy Signs, Nik Hardy hopes to integrate other new holographic technologies that would help our customers in all sectors boost their products’ visibility.

He said: ‘’These solutions are nearly impossible to find in Europe and we’re importing them from our partners in the Far East. Everyone that has seen them at our offices or at the business shows we’ve attended have spoken very highly about the product.’’

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