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East Midlands Chamber News

Chamber reacts to general election announcement

Reacting to the news that Parliament has backed a general election which will take place on 12 December – subject to passing through the House of Lords – Scott Knowles, Chief Executive at East Midlands Chamber (Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire), said:

“In a week that was meant to see the UK leave the EU, we now have, on top of the Brexit extension, the added uncertainty of a pre-Christmas general election.

“While many will argue a general election is necessary to break the impasse of a divided parliament, the cold hard facts are that businesses are now set to endure an extended period of disruption.

“With the political noise set to increase still further over the next six weeks, the concern is that this campaign will be high on rhetoric and low on substance as immediate attentions turn to securing the keys to No.10 and not the defined path that will lead to a more certain, prosperous future.

“As passions run high, we would strongly urge all parties to offer a clear, concise vision for how UK plc will look post 12 December and beyond – both in terms of Brexit and the domestic agenda, the latter of which has been frustratingly lacking in recent times.

“This is a time for strong leadership, strong vision and not the type of hyperbole that businesses have grown all too accustomed in recent years.”