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Great Annual Savings Group saves Derbyshire Doctors’ Surgery 5% on utilities bills

As a recent East Midlands Chamber member, Great Annual Savings (GAS) is committed to forging relationships whilst saving local businesses money on their annual utilities’ bills.

GAS possess more expertise across the spectrum of commercial running costs than any other cost reduction consultancy in the country. This includes energy procurement and management; waste management; telecoms; business insurance; water management and procurement; and much more.

GAS recently worked with Willington Surgery to deliver crucial savings.

Company Background

Located in Derbyshire, Willington Surgery is a doctors’ surgery striving to provide the highest standard of healthcare.

The surgery takes a collaborative approach to healthcare, with patients and professionals working together to ensure the best care is given. Their philosophy of partnership ensures the practice offering always meets the needs of patients.


Running a busy practice, the Practice Manager at Willington Surgery did not have the time to spare to comb through bills and accounts to discover potential savings.

The surgery did not have a dedicated resource to manage utilities so expertise in details such as VAT was not available.

As the surgery was already in a contract for energy which was not due to expire until 2021, the Practice Manager had not considered arrangements for when their current contract ended, leaving them open to future price increases.

Following a call with a Great Annual Savings (GAS) expert, Willington Surgery chose to work with GAS to realise savings.


Following a full review of the surgery’s utility spend, it was identified that it was operating with a regular rate of VAT. However, as a medical service provider, Willington Surgery qualifies for a reduced VAT rate.

After working with GAS, a reduced rate of 5% was achieved, resulting in significant savings going forward.

A three-year energy contract agreed at today’s prices was also arranged by GAS to commence when the current contract ended. This protected Willington Surgery against possible future price rises they would have been exposed to if they simply waited to renew at the end of their current contract.

The longer- term contract also provided the surgery with the ability to budget long-term.


• The ability to set long term budgets

• A long-term cost saving of 15% on VAT

• Establish long-term control over energy costs

• Protect themselves from any future energy price increases


“I started working with Great Annual Savings in August 2019 looking at the VAT we were paying, they also offered to help with our gas and electric. As we were over a year off the end of the contract this wasn’t something I had considered but agreed to their help.

It was a very easy and simple process which has probably saved us £1000 over the contract. We ended up staying with our current supplier but on a better rate so as a business we can budget longer term.

We have also had our VAT reduced to 5% and as we are not VAT registered as a business this is a significant saving.

I have had a few other companies contact me before, offering the same type of service but I found Great Annual Savings particularly approachable and I’m glad I chose to do business with them.” Holly Goodrich, Practice Manager Willington Surgery.