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East Midlands Chamber News

Chamber member releases coronavirus test

Derby-based rapid diagnostics and laboratory screening company SureScreen Diagnostics has launched a rapid test for the coronavirus.

The product is easy to use - needing only finger prick capillary blood to function - and provides a result in 10 minutes, a significant improvement compared to laboratory testing methods currently being employed.

Director David Campbell said: “We hope the ease of use of the test, the low cost and the speed of results will mean that more effective screening can be put into place, and we can significantly reduce further infections going forward.”

The company is working with the NHS and the Department of Health in setting up screening best practice for the UK, as well as exporting the product all over the world. Since the test can detect a positive result within 3-7 days after infection, it is seen as a big step forward in being able to contain the virus.

SureScreen hopes the ease of use will mean the test can be conducted by most people and in remote areas, often where laboratory screening isn’t feasible.

The test works much like a pregnancy test, whereby targeted antibodies are designed to target the blood specimen infected with the virus. Much like a pregnancy test, the presence or absence of the lines on the test indicate the result. The compact product can be read by eye, without the need for big machinery which is another benefit over current screening methods.

Family-run SureScreen Diagnostics provides a range of diagnostic point of care screening products and on-site Occupational Health services. SureScreen have been manufacturing and distributing a wide range of screening products for drugs, alcohol and healthcare for more than 20 years.

David added: “We’re delighted to be launching a test that can help with screening and containing the Coronavirus. We are hearing from clients that the laboratories are overrun with samples waiting for screening, meanwhile people are having to be isolated which is a big issue for the healthcare providers and the individuals. We hope that this test will be able to alleviate this issue and provide robust screening at the point of care.”

“As a company focused on innovation in diagnostics, this product is what we are about. SureScreen have long history of creating point of care diagnostics which can really benefit individuals and revolutionise healthcare.”