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East Midlands Chamber News

DACS unveils new sustainability initiatives

In an attempt to recognise the growing issues around the Environment and the challenge the world faces in the fight for sustainability. DACS has introduced various initiatives around the “sustainability” and we are pleased to highlight two new ones effective immediately.

Working alongside our supplier we are pleased to announce our biggest selling papers also now plant trees! In-conjunction with our supplier we have signed up to support The Woodland Trust through a “Carbon Capture” / offset scheme. More details on how this works can be found at https://www.dacsshop.uk/carbon-capture  If you already buy the A4 80gsm Navigator and Papago branded papers from ourselves you are already supporting the scheme indirectly and may not have been aware of this!

Across DACS Office Solutions and DACS Document Storage (http://dacsofficesolutions.com/index.php/archiving-storage/) we sell a significant number of our own branded archive boxes and we are delighted that we can also now offer these manufactured from 100% Recycled Card. This new line came into stock in the middle of February and we expect it to sell well – so if you wish to try some please do not leave your order too late!

Having made some up we believe that these are as strong, if not stronger, than some of the branded products on the market.

For more information on all our services please visit our website at www.dacsofficesolutions.com