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East Midlands Chamber News

Investors In Community releases platform for free

Investors In Communities have taken a bold decision, along with shareholder support, to release the platform, free for all businesses for the next four months.

Many team members at IIC are trying to help where they can, delivering food and medication to those in isolation and gifting their time. In the last 24 hours many unregulated social media groups have sprung up, offering to coordinate local need, but they are not structured, regulated, or in some cases even safe for both the helper and the recipient. The IIC platform is free to use for all charities and all individuals, and now it is free for all businesses of all sizes. ( For the next four months to 31st July 2020)

If you as a business were to join and use us, you can provide a route for all staff to help when they wish, through designated charities and recognised community groups, that are validated and safe. At the end of this period, you will have collated the various stats that are verified and checked, for your exemplify your business as a “stand-out” company. You will also have created a safe environment for your teams to contribute where they are able/ willing, and you will by the act of joining us, have helped all charities on the platform in their time of sincere need

There is no obligation to continue with IIC, once the free to use period is ended, so this is a no risk decision for you at this time. We have the “Collaborative Groups” function enabled, to allow you to add your entire investee base of companies to a common list – all for free. Please visit www.investorsincommunity.org or email zoey.purdy@investorsincommunity.org to claim this offer.