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Meridian Digital Solutions mobilises temperature-reading technology to help businesses reopening as coronavirus restrictions ease

Innovative temperature-reading technology developed by a Leicestershire company will help businesses throughout the world reopen safely during the Covid-19 crisis.

Meridian Digital Solutions, based in Peckleton, has mobilised facial recognition software in its personnel management system to remotely scan employees’ and visitors’ temperatures before allowing access to buildings.

It says the technology, which can be used across almost any industry, will save on costs by negating the need for handheld scanners that take up vital human resources while ensuring the safety of everyone entering offices, factories and other premises.

Managing director Andy Viner said: “We might be a small team based in rural Leicestershire, but our technology is having a big impact across all industries, giving people confidence that they can get back to work and visit local establishments.

“While we’re beginning to open up our economies once more, the threat coronavirus poses has not diminished, therefore it’s vital businesses have a robust plan for maintaining their operations in a safe way.

“As many businesses are finding with Meridian’s personnel management system, an important part of that plan is developed right here in the East Midlands.”

How Meridian Digital Solutions’ temperature-reading technology works

Using facial recognition technology, Meridian’s personnel management system can accurately screen people’s temperature, alerting staff if someone has a fever while allowing access to permitted employees and guests.

It is already proving useful for businesses ranging from big firms managing new shift patterns all the way down to small shops controlling the flow of customers into their store.

For more information on Meridian, visit ​www.meridian-ds.co.uk​ or call 01455 248 555.