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East Midlands Chamber News

Three national awards nominations for East Midlands business networking service

Business networking service is nominated for three top awards for its Covid-19 support work. East Midlands based, KuKu Connect has supported businesses and charities for free, for over 170 days.

It has been shortlisted under three awards programmes -The Best Business Awards, The National Business Awards and The Global Business Excellence Awards - for its impact in helping businesses and community organisations combat the results of the pandemic.

KuKu Connect co-founders, Stephen Goddard and Philip Brooks-Stephenson supported over 30,000 organisations and charities every day throughout the pandemic since March, with certain organisations supported by the team referring to them as "Covid-19 inspirational business heroes". 

KuKu’s Covid-19 support services included the ‘Carry On KuKu’ video-bulletins broadcasted over social media, giving out daily business tips, events, opportunities, business news and offers to help viewing organisations.  Stephen and Philip also featured daily shout-outs for a range of individual businesses, venues and charity appeals recording over 100 videos from their kitchen, which they turned into a ‘mini-studio’.

Another free service is the now hugely popular, KuKu Cocktail Hour. With over 5,000 viewers, the cocktail hour is a networking event via Facebook Live where, dressed in black tie, Stephen and Philip connect businesses and charities together over virtual cocktails, offering something completely different to online networking events.

Philip said: “We are really touched that we have been nominated for these prestigious awards, not just one, but with two national and one international awards nominations is just amazing. We have been so proud to support so many different organisations throughout the pandemic and we are still here supporting, but we are really looking forward to hosting our physical business networking Connect Reception events as soon as it is safe to do so. We know that face-to-face networking will always be more powerful for building great business relationships.”

Stephen added: “The awards nominations were such a surprise it has really lifted our spirits in what has been such a drastic time for us and so many organisations. The power of social media and digital technology along with some ‘KuKu style’ creativeness has been immense in terms of keeping people connected and to carry on doing business.  We know just how hard the pandemic has been personally, so we are now really looking forward to meeting many of the businesses we have helped in person through our KuKu Connect Receptions.”