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Customer satisfaction: 1 in 3 businesses have never sought survey feedback, says Esendex

One in three businesses have never asked their customers what they think of their products or services, with retailers least likely to seek feedback over other industries, according to new research from a Nottingham company.

The data, from telecommunications provider Esendex, reveals that 39% of companies have never sent a customer service survey. And for those that have, 5% have done so between one and five years ago, and 7% more than five years ago.

Retailers least engaged with seeking customer feedback, says Esendex

Retailers are the worst culprits for seeking feedback, with one in three (35%) admitting they’ve either never sent one - or if they have - it was done more than half a decade ago.

Businesses were also asked when they last invested in enhancing their customer satisfaction levels, either through processes or tools, to which almost one in five (19%) replied “never”. A further 10% had done so more than five years ago.

Amy Robinson, senior brand development manager at Chamber member Esendex, said: “There’s never been a more pressing time than in the current climate for businesses to be striving for customer service excellence and to be communicating with and seeking feedback from those that are actually paying for their products or services.

“At a time when there is more competition than ever, surveys are one of the easiest ways to gain valuable insights from those that buy from you and can help to build a loyal customer base.

"Yet, according to our research, 37% of businesses have not invested in improving their customer satisfaction levels within the last year (34% for retailers), and - for 51% of companies - it is not the norm to send out customer feedback surveys at least once a year.

"Some businesses may worry that they will not get a good response rate, but you’d be surprised by how many people are willing to give a couple of minutes of their time to provide their honest opinions.

"With a plethora of communication platforms available to businesses these days, you can easily test what works best for you - whether that’s seeking feedback through social media, email or sending an SMS message straight to your customers’ phones, which we know through our own research has a 95% open rate.”

Other findings from Esendex customer feedback research

The survey, which takes into account the opinions of over 400 international businesses, reveals that one in five companies (23%) would rate their current customer service levels as ‘fair’ or ‘poor’.

Almost one in three (32%) would also rate their firm’s ability to measure and benchmark their satisfaction levels as ‘fair’ or ‘poor’.

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