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Apprenticeship Programmes

Chamber Apprenticeships develop highly-skilled employees and ensure that the businesses benefit from an effective and efficient workforce.

Each Apprenticeship programme we deliver – of which there are many across multiple sectors - is unique because we go further in understanding what it is our employers want to achieve from their training and blend the programme to deliver their goals.

To find out full details of our Apprenticeship programme, please click the following link now:

Chamber Apprenticeship Programmes

The following link provides information and clarity of the changes being implememted by the government which include taking the original Apprenticeship Frameworks to standartds.

Apprenticeship Reforms - Frameworks to Standards 

You can also find out more here about how 20% off-the-job training is available through the Chamber. 

To recruit an apprentice or to enrol onto an Apprenticeship qualification contact us on 0333 320 0333 (option 3) or email: