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Chamber R&D

Chamber R&D - Research and Development (R&D) Tax Reliefs

Do you pay technical specialists to solve technical problems?

If so, Chamber members can benefit from thousands of pounds of Corporation Tax savings for their innovative work through R&D Tax Reliefs.

The Benefit

Around £25,000 of tax savings for every £100,000 spent making appreciable improvements to technology or science.


Does your business:

  • Develop new or better products?
  • Improve manufacturing processes?
  • Create new software solutions?
  • Has it spent money on staff, materials and IT to do so?

Making a Claim

Shorts’ Radius team apply a simple three stage approach to prepare a robust claim that maximises the tax relief available:

Step 1 – Initial free discussion

0-60 minutes, either in person or over the phone to explore whether a claim is possible.

Step 2 – Technical Meeting

We work with you to identify qualifying projects and costs to include in the claim.

Step 3 – Produce claim documents

We work with you to maximise the claim within the scope of the legislation. We produce the technical report and a summary of qualifying costs that is required to support a claim. You review it and when you’re happy, we’ll submit the whole claim to HMRC for you. You’ll then receive your tax savings from HMRC – up to a quarter of the amount you’ve actually spent on innovating.


Unlock the Savings

Shorts’ Radius team has helped hundreds of businesses obtain millions of pounds of R&D Tax Credits for their innovative work.


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