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Basics of Food Safety Microbiology for Food Manufacturing

Event Information:

Type: Business Growth

Venue: Leicester Food Park, Unit 28 The Management Hub, High View Close, Leicester, LE4 9LJ, Leicestershire

Date: Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Time: 9:00am - 1:00pm

Available To: Eligible SME's

Member Price: FREE

Non-Member Price: FREE

Aimed at food and drink manufacturing businesses this free workshop will provide information and guidance on food microbiology including allergen testing, target organisms and rapid testing.

This workshop will be presented by a Food & Drink Forum Technical Manager and will give you a basic understanding of food microbiology with the following:

  • Target organisms e.g. pathogens, spoilage organisms and/or indicator organisms
  • Finished product, shelf life & environment microbiological monitoring
  • Food & drink categories, packaging & modified atmospheres
  • Laboratory result interpretation/evaluation, false positives/negatives
  • Rapid testing, settle plates & swabs
  • Allergen testing/control
  • Available guidance
  • Optimisation of testing and minimising costs
  • Specific business products can be discussed in more detail on the day.


To have a basic understanding of food microbiology and how this applies to your products.


  • Businesses/individuals who are new to food technical or food microbiology.
  • Individuals involved within a technical team or food manufacturing business with limited food microbiological background.
  • Businesses/individuals who wish to expand their knowledge of food microbiology.



This event is delivered as part of the Collaborate Growing Business Together project and is specifically aimed at Food and Drink Manufacturing Businesses based in Leicester and Leicestershire, with fewer than 250 employees.