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Leaders of Change Workshops

These half-day workshops are built around the mindsets, skill sets and toolsets needed for leading lasting change at the personal, team and organisational/cultural level and each session is proven to be “focused, exciting, energetic, hands on, participative, practical and immediately useful”.

There are strong links between the two sessions each day, yet all 6 sessions can stand alone, offering a distinct focus so that you can choose to attend just one session or multiple ones. And, if your time allows, then the entire 3 days will provide you with a comprehensive set of skills and awarenesses for full personal, team and organisational change.

Session Overviews

Day 1 AM - Creativity and Innovation. NOW!

Based on the models that allow many of the world’s most brilliant creative thinkers and businesses to innovate, this session provides you with the mindset, skill set and toolset to ignite your creativity. This session is huge fun. But it also requires courage, responsibility and commitment in order to give you the results you seek

Day 1 PM - The CORE Of Trust - Building Great Relationships

This session is all about the attitudes and behaviours that drive trust, how we gain it and how we keep it in our professional and personal relationships. The session will share how we can recognise the different approaches, styles and needs of others and the need to understand how different perceptions contribute to ineffective communications.

Day 2 AM - What really matters - Improving personal leadership

This is a session for any individual who really wants to change, to improve their own personal effectiveness and lay the foundations for sustaining monumental changes in their lives. Looking at the internal, attitudinal ‘building blocks’ of personal effectiveness, this session takes delegates on a learning journey from knowing and leading themselves effectively, to expressing that personal change externally where relationships, influence, creativity and teamwork can be transformed.

Day 2 PM - Clarity: Managing your time & priorities 

The need to manage our time and priorities effectively is more important now than ever. In this powerful and energetic session, proven productivity skills will help participants identify, execute on and sustainably achieve what matters most. Highly interactive, this session is designed to leave participants with practical skills for getting the right things done in the face of overwhelming demands

Day 3 AM - Influencing and Collaboration

Effective collaboration requires the ability to influence others to see things differently or open up to alternative courses of action. And although we associate influence with power, you don’t need to be a leader to have power or to be able to influence others. In this session, we will show you how to harness your own styles and needs with a deep understanding of the needs and desires of others.

Day 3 PM -  Conflict (& How To Manage Or Avoid It)

In this workshop participants will look at conflict at work, what causes it and explore the stages in the development of conflict. Participants will also learn ways to step back and take the emotion out of conflict, anticipate it and develop strategies for resolving it and developing collaborative negotiating skills. Our aim is to provide people with time to stop, reflect, discuss and explore how they handle conflict and consider practical strategies for dealing with future situations of conflict