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Tips for writing a winning awards submission

Writing an awards application can be challenging. You know your achievements inside out but when you sit down to write an application it can be difficult to share them in an impactful way.

We've spoken to some awards submission writing experts and collected a few tips to help you write a submission that demands the judges' attention.

The Business Awards 2022 are open for entries until 10 June 2022 and you can start your application here.

1. Read the question carefully

This may seem obvious, but ensuring you tick the box of everything the application is asking you for will increase your chances of being shortlisted.

Focus on what the question is asking you, and back up your answer with examples of your work. Make sure your answer is concise and addresses each point of the question.


2. Provide examples

Evidence helps to bring your submission to life. Facts and figures, case studies and even images help the judges build a picture of why you should win.

This will help the judges understand you and your work, and gives the impact of your actions context.


3. When applying for multiple awards, don’t copy and paste content

Writing multiple awards submisssions can be time consuming. But make sure not to just copy and paste your content. 

Each award has specific criteria and a limited word count so make sure to make it relevant to the category.

Be original in your writing – this will make your entry stand out from the crowd.


4. Look at your application from the judges' point of view

The judges won't neccessarily know your organisation or the work you have done, so make sure to give clear background information and outline your achievements in a way which is easy to understand. Avoid extra details and layers to the narrative.

There will be a lot of applications for the judges to read so make sure to grab their attention with the first paragraph of each question.  

Make sure you are doing everything the question has asked and you have made good use of the word count.

5. Tell a story

Your application will be judged as a whole and means you can use the questions to create a compelling narrative. Break your answer into three parts: the problem, the solution, and the results. 

This gives you a chance to build a story. Share your application with someone who was involved in the project and get their honest feedback.


6. Focus on impact

Showcasing the impact that actions have had is the most important part of any submission. The judges will have to compare submissions make it easy for them to see the difference that was made by your actions.

A great soundbite stat is a great way to stick in the judges' minds.


7. Review your application

Make sure there are no grammatical errors in your submission by checking it over multiple times. You can also get a colleague or a friend to look over the entry before you submit it.

The word count for each question is tight so make sure you are covering the key points and there isn't any irrelevant information in your answer.

Enter the Business Awards 2022

The Business Awards 2022 are open for applications until 3 June 2022. We craft the categories to allow as many organisations as possible to shout about their amazing work. You can start your application here.

***Bonus video tips ***

We've put a few extra tips in the video below to really help kickstart your application.