24 Jan 2022

End of Covid-19 tests for fully vaccinated travellers arriving in England is a huge boost for East Midlands’ biggest economic asset, says Chamber

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s announcement that Covid-19 tests will be scrapped for fully-vaccinated travellers arriving in England, East Midlands Chamber (Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire) said: “East Midlands Airport is arguably the greatest single economic asset in our region, so scrapping Covid-19 tests for fully-vaccinated travellers arriving in England will give it another catalyst to look ahead to a strong year of travel.

“With passenger numbers being a fraction of what they were pre-pandemic, it’s vital for the region that these recover as quickly as possible, starting with a buoyant 2022.

“This in turn will continue to fuel the exciting developments we’ve witnessed surrounding the airport, creating a hub of economic activity linked to the manufacturing and logistics industries that has been central to replacing many of the jobs that have been lost elsewhere.

“For businesses, they can now look forward to being able to re-establish connections with international suppliers and customers that have been difficult to maintain over the past couple of years.

“Our post-Brexit economic hopes rely on forging a new era of global trade, and this requires giving our firms, in particular our region’s innovative manufacturers, true access to the rest of the world without restrictions.

“Employers in many sectors, but particularly those in the hospitality trade, will also welcome an end to the staff shortages that quarantine periods has caused to their operations while they have attempted to reopen.”