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A Manifesto for Growth 2024

At the core of the Chamber’s lobbying activity, and directly influenced by our engagement with members, is our blueprint for economic growth, titled A Manifesto for Growth 2024.

The seven-page document, which was launched during a special reception at Westminster in March 2024, sets out a series of national policies that would support businesses like those in our region to succeed and grow the national economy.

I’m here for my local area and I’m looking to engage.

Have your say on local, regional and national challenges with MPs, the Bank of England, and business leaders. Our briefings and forums give you a valuable opportunity for your voice to be heard on important issues. Use our quarterly economic survey to share current industry, innovation and infrastructure encounters. The Chamber will use your views and experiences to actively lobby regional and national policymakers including Westminster.


Engaging Decision Makers

Take part in topical discussions and raise your concerns by attending our Bank of England forums and MP briefings. Use our forums to gain insights and information into business or industry-related issues, along with the latest innovations, technologies and research.

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Leicestershire Local Skills Improvement Plan

Following the successful LSIP trailblazer, the Chamber is now leading on full delivery for Leicester and Leicestershire. The project aims to build stronger, evidence-based links between people, business needs, and educational provision in Leicester and Leicestershire.


Have Your Say

Take part in our Quarterly Economic Survey and receive a results report for your business, reflecting the current climate. Share your experiences, views and news by featuring in an article within our Business Network magazine.


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As a member, you have access to a range of support services. Choose from HR, Legal, Health & Safety, Tax, VAT, Export, Customs, and many more.


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