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I’m here for myself and I want to connect.

Connect with thousands of like-minded businesspeople through our members network. Meet potential clients, suppliers and business partners at our forums and networking events. Build valuable connections online or at face-to-face events in Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire. Our popular networking events cover a wide range of business topics. Learn from your peers, listen to inspiring speakers, and discuss industry relevant issues.

The PA Forum

The PA Forum connects Personal, Executive and Virtual Assistants, Office Managers and Admin Support teams to share experiences, best practice and ideas. Develop meaningful and valuable connections through a range of inspiring initiatives and events, including mentoring opportunities. This network covers areas across the East and West Midlands.


East Midlands Manufacturing Network

For manufacturers, this business-led support network enables you to share best practice and take part in discussions on a range of industry issues. Connect and collaborate, develop skills, and stay up to date with funding support and trading conditions.

Enterprising Women

Supporting women in business, this network champions and awards women’s achievements. Connect with like-minded people at our networking and social events, develop your skills, enjoy inspiring speakers, or enter our annual awards.

Generation Next

For young, forward-thinking professionals, this network supports the next generation of business leaders aged 18-35. Connect with your peers and develop your skills to unlock opportunities. Gain access to mentors and industry experts.


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