15 Dec 2023

Five roles that can benefit from the Director Development Programme

Visionary, tenacity, driver of change, compassionate, active listener, coacher and strategic are all characteristics synonymous with a great leader.

Along with hands-on experience of managing and leading others, East Midlands Chamber’s Director Development Programme can help you gain a well-rounded view of the workings of a director, and prepare and refresh your knowledge of the processes and skills useful to a senior role.

However, you don’t have to be an established director to benefit from the transferable content on the Chamber’s flagship course.

The five-day programme takes delegates through various skills including leadership strategies, planning priorities, finance, people management approaches, and driving performance and change, which can be applied in a variety of situations encountered by senior employees.

Here are five examples of people who could benefit from the Director Development Programme.

The new director

The Director Development Programme enables you to get a well-rounded view of what is required to excel in the role. Having this knowledge can also give you the confidence and skills to drive the business forward following your recent promotion.

The course is a good starting point for setting and achieving your objectives, as well as assisting in contributing and developing your organisation’s culture to achieve them.

The experienced business owner who is growing their staff

Once your business operations are going steady, it will be time to look at expanding your team. With a growing team, it will be important to create a strong vision, values and strategy to form your company’s culture – and ensure the whole team adheres to it.

Each module in the Director Development Programme is interconnected as part of one process, which is primarily the setting and achieving of an agreed culture within your business.

A senior manager or director who has been given new budgetary and financial responsibilities

Many non-finance managers or directors find themselves with budgetary responsibilities when newly appointed or through a change in role.

During the Director Development Programme, you will learn to understand the flow of cash in relation to other financial statements, how to create and monitor a simple budgetary system, and how to calculate appropriate financial ratios to understand business performance.

The experienced manager who is looking for the next step

The Director Development Programme is a great way to prepare for the next step in your career if you are an experienced senior manager. Not only can you apply the learnings to your current role and organisation, but it can also assist you in a promotion in the future.

A senior staff member who has been given a new remit to lead internal change

The programme can equip you with the ability to measure the outputs and processes to drive performance through an organisation, as well as identify the drivers of internal change.

It will also help you reinforce the behaviour required from stakeholders at all levels of the organisation to sustain the new environment.

When is the next Director Development Programme?

The Chamber’s next Director Development Programme will start on 15 February 2024, with five sessions running every two weeks until 10 April 2024. Led by trainer Charles Barnascone, the five modules cover the following topics:

  • Developing vision, values and strategy leadership
  • Planning, direction and priorities
  • Finance for non-financial directors
  • People management approaches
  • Driving performance and leading change

To book a place, visit https://bit.ly/DirectorDevelopmentFeb24.