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01 Mar 2024

New Government Railway Funding needs to do more to respond to East Midlands’ Needs, warns Chamber

Long-anticipated government funds of £123 million allocated to Midlands Rail Hub – a project to improve connectivity between train stations across the midlands – is to be welcomed, however, does little to meet the needs of those in the East Midlands, say East Midlands Chamber.

The initiative uses cash freed up by abandoned HS2 funds to upgrade stations and improve infrastructure across the overall midlands area.

East Midlands Chamber Director of Policy and Insight Chris Hobson said:

While any investment in midlands railway infrastructure is to be welcomed, we’re concerned that once again the primary focus is on towns and cities outside of the East Midlands.  Our Manifesto for Growth 2024, which we’re taking to Westminster on 11th March, asks our policy makers to ensure we deliver fair funding for infrastructure in the East Midlands. This isn’t about receiving investment at the expense of our neighbours to the west, it’s about Government doing more to rectify the fact that we are the most under-funded region in the country when it comes to rail travel.

“We have desperately inadequate service between stations within the East Midlands and this hampers the tremendous growth potential of businesses.  It’s all very well that a Birmingham-bound passenger might be able to jump on an extra train here and there at Nottingham but what we’re stating loud and clear in our manifesto is the huge need for transformational improvement within the East Midlands.

“We look forward to taking our manifesto to Westminster on 11th March and insisting politicians listen to what our businesses need to succeed.