02 Apr 2024

Reduced paperwork for export of iron and steel to EU welcomed by Chamber

Picture of EU and UK flags

The removal of an EU paperwork requirement for companies exporting iron or steel to the bloc has been welcomed by East Midlands Chamber.  The change is the result of talks between the British Chambers of Commerce, UK and EU officials and means companies will no longer have to produce “mill certificates” to prove the country of origin was not Russia which can be a costly, time-consuming process.

East Midlands Chamber International Trade Manager Lucy Granger said: “The paperwork needed for exporting goods to the EU and the expense of putting all that together is a frustrating burden to businesses in the East Midlands. For any part of the export process to be alleviated is something I welcome and it’s great that the Chamber network’s talks were able to achieve the removal of the mill certificate requirement.

“International trade is far more complex than it needs to be and while reduction of paperwork for iron and steel helps, there are obstacles in so many elements of international trade to the EU and other parts of the world.  That’s why International Trade is one of the four I’s in East Midlands Chamber’s Manifesto for Growth 2024 that we took to Westminster in March. The manifesto highlights the areas that need government attention to get the uninhibited growth the East Midlands needs:  Infrastructure, International Trade, Innovation and Investment.”