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15 Apr 2024

Rethink on food import costs needed

The government’s “common usage charge” on food imports needs to be reconsidered, East Midlands Chamber has said.  The fee, capped at £145 for a mixed consignment is introduced on 30th April and will be applied to some animal and plant products arriving from the EU via Dover or Folkestone.

International Trade Manager Lucy Granger said: “Buying in a few yoghurts or sausages for a shop shelf or to serve in a café shouldn’t be an expensive procedure and when small quantities are involved that’s a kick no one needs.  For small and medium importers this cost will have to be funded somehow, whether by the importer, retailer or ultimately the consumer. The government should look again at this plan before its implementation to help not hinder small and medium businesses.  Adding import costs must be a no-no.”