11 Jun 2024

Chamber reacts to latest East Midlands labour market figures

Picture of workers in a factory

Economic inactivity in the East Midlands among the 16-64 age group has fallen by 1.9% to 20.1%, according to the latest estimated figures from the Office for National Statistics, while the UK figure is 22.3%.

East Midlands Chamber Head of Special Projects Richard Blackmore said: “Being ‘economically inactive’ is being unable to start employment within two weeks, or not seeking employment, often due to factors like long term sickness, so for these numbers to go downwards is helpful to the business community, as being able to return to work boosts productivity.   Unemployment in the East Midlands still stands at 5.6% among the 16 to 64 bracket and this isn’t helped by a fall in vacancies nationally, which have dropped by 12, 000 in the last three months.

“I’d underline the need to focus on the skills of candidates, so that they’re ready to snap up jobs when they become available, without needing further training.   A focus on skills is one of the key asks in our Manifesto for Growth 2024, which is a document for whoever the next government is to consider, outlining the needs we’ve identified for businesses to succeed in the East Midlands.”