20 Jun 2024

General Election candidates attend North Derbyshire hustings

Picture of Chesterfield General Election hustings events

East Midlands Chamber, in partnership with Destination Chesterfield hosted a General Election hustings event in Chesterfield with candidates from all major parties invited to take part. 

A number of business representatives attended the session on 20th June at East Midlands Chamber’s Chesterfield offices.  In conventional hustings format each candidate was given a restricted and equal amount of time to respond to questions from the audience.  In alphabetical order the candidates that participated were:

David Kesteven – Green Party candidate for Bolsover

Helen Wetherall – True and Fair candidate for the Derbyshire Dales

Lee Rowley – Conservative candidate for North East Derbyshire

Toby Perkins – Labour candidate for Chesterfield

East Midlands Chamber Director of Policy and Insight Richard Blackmore, who presented the session, said: “With the clock ticking and now only a couple of weeks until people cast their ballot, the hustings was a fantastic opportunity for people to ask whatever burning questions they had directly to each of the candidates about what they would do for the region’s economy and growth should their party get elected.  It was good to see such good turn out with plenty of questions for the candidates, at such a critical time as people decide who they believe might best represent their interests.”