Food Standards & Audits


The food industry works to strict legislation to ensure safety to the consumer.

There are a number of different food standards that are suitable for a range of different food and drink operators, depending on size and who they supply to.

As such, many companies use standards to promote their business and to access new markets. In fact, many industry buyers insist that their suppliers are certified to their required standard.

The Forum understands the technical difficulties and operational challenges faced by businesses implementing a new standard. Our technical team has the expertise and experience of successfully supporting food businesses through the certification process as well as assisting with ongoing internal and external audits.

The Forum can help you with gaining the following food standards:

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) - is a legal requirement for all food and drink firms... whether they operate in manufacturing, catering or retail. It helps food business operators to focus on how they handle food and introduce procedures to ensure that food is safe to eat, it must be a written document

Halal Verification - With approximately 3 million halal consumers in the UK, and millions abroad, the standard is an important one for slaughterhouses, food manufacturers and food service operators. Our Senior Technical Manager, Richard Wigley became one of the first auditors in the East Midlands region for the European Halal Development Agency standard in 2010.

BRC Global Standards - are a major global safety and quality certification programme, used throughout the world by more than 17,000 certificated suppliers in 90 countries. Run by The British Retail Consortium (BRC), which is the lead trade association representing the whole range of retailers, they help to standardise quality, safety, operational criteria and manufacturers' fulfilment of legal obligations. Many retailers stipulate that producers must be BRC accredited in order to supply to them.

STS - is a requirement to supply for some of the major UK food service organisations. Designed for smaller companies, the accreditation is also sought by procurers in the NHS and other public sector organisations such as schools.

SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval) - helps local and regional food and drink producers to supply their products to national and regional buyers. A nationally recognised food safety certification scheme, it's been specifically developed for small and micro producers