Packaging, Labelling and Nutrition

Labelling is one of the most complex and regulated areas of the food and drink industry.

The Forum employs affordable specialists that can offer up-to-date advice on nutritional information and labelling to ensure your business meets regulations.
This includes the latest EU labelling changes that come in to force between December 2014 and December 2016.

The Forum can help with:

Ensuring legally required information, such as product title and description, ingredient list, nutritional, allergen labelling and claims, are provided on labels

Defining ingredients quantities that must be shown as a percentage

Identifying any allergens, which must be clearly labelled, such as celery, eggs, milk and fish

Warning consumers of certain ingredients, such as liquorice, sugar and raw milk

Helping you comply with rules on nutritional information, such as through the 'traffic light' system

Helping you comply with making health or medical claims of your products

If you package food yourself, you must use packaging that's suitable for food use. Suitable packaging is marked 'for food contact' or has a symbol on it that looks like a wine glass and a fork. There are special rules for using plastics, ceramics or cellophane for packaging. You must have written evidence, known as a 'declaration of compliance', that you've kept to them.

Again, The Forum can assist your comply to regulations by:

Drawing up a packaging brief meet packaging regulations and to include all the above labelling requirements, which can be used by your printing supplier or to check the artwork proof against

Sign off of artwork proofs to ensure that they meet the required regulations before you go to print.

The Forum offers a complete labelling and packaging service for your products or help you with specific queries however small.

Why not take advantage of our skills and expertise and feel secure that your product meets the legal requirements. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.