Product Development & Innovation

The Food & Drink Forum Technical Team undertakes all aspects of food product development, from concept and formulation through to pilot trials, product evaluations and production up scaling.

We provide:

  • Expertise in a broad range of product sectors, including bakery, confectionary, fresh produce, sauces, dressings and beverages
  • Access to well equipped, flexible, pilot scale facilities to ensure developments are undertaken using the best practise
  • Nutritional review of ingredients to identify their contribution in your food products
  • Resolution of technical issues using proven solutions from other product sectors
  • Labelling and packaging expertise to ensure the development of a complete product, from concept to finished product

Product Specifications

It is a requirement by BRC or SALSA certification for the food manufacturer to hold information on the specifications of raw materials, food contact packaging, and recipes.

Your customer will also require a finished product specification. Specifications provide all the necessary food safety information. You will need this in order to risk assess each stage of your manufacturing process and build it into your HACCP plan.

Our technically skilled staff at the Food and Drink Forum can help you to:

Obtain specifications from your suppliers for raw materials and food contact packaging. We can help you draw up a pro-forma which you can use to request specifications from your suppliers.

Draw up document controlled recipes and manufacturing specifications for your product. You will need these to ensure that you consistently manufacture a finished product that meets your final product specification.

Complete a written specification for your finished product. This will include food safety information about your product such as an ingredient declaration, allergens, shelf life, storage temperature etc. Your customer will require this information.

Complete customer specific online product specifications required by the large retailers.