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An exclusive offer for Chamber members for a number of incentives which include free demonstrations, free trials, free health check analysis and free consultations.

RSM Tracker

Want to investigate and monitor company credit scores and financial health?

Tracker is a web-based software system that enables you to investigate and monitor company credit scores and financial health to identify emerging risks, reduce your chance of bad debts and make more informed business decisions.

Tracker provides up-to-the-minute financial information on your customers, clients, suppliers and prospects. It gives you earlier awareness of credit risks through dynamic monitoring and enables you to perform due diligence checks to support client on-boarding. It can also provide you with qualified prospect lists for marketing and sales teams.

Exclusive offer for tracker

RSM’s member offer

We are delighted to offer our fellow Chamber members an initial system demonstration followed by a two-week free trial.

We are confident that the trial will provide users with a powerful business tool and we will provide full first line support to ensure users get maximum value from the product during the trial period.

Please note there is a limited number of free trials available.

Who will benefit from this offer?

Members can use the data sources within the product to help them act promptly where clients or key suppliers undergo unforeseen changes in circumstances, which is particularly relevant in the current economic environment. While the trial is suitable for businesses of any size, it is typically used by SMEs that wish to understand more about the credit risk of customers or suppliers.

Our clients use Tracker in various ways to:
– Review early awareness of credit risks through dynamic monitoring
– Reduce risk and bad debts
– Qualified prospect lists for marketing and sales teams.

If this is something you feel your business could benefit from, please get in touch to discuss a free trial or demonstration.

how to take advantage of these discounts and offers

A free trial and a special discount is available for Chamber members.


Get access to governance, risk and compliance software

Insight4GRC™ is a cost-effective and time-saving governance, risk and compliance (GRC) suite. It provides management teams with the tools needed to monitor and control performance, assess organisational risks, track assigned actions, enable employee awareness, and facilitate company policy acceptance.

To learn more about the Insight4GRC™ software, visit www.insight4grc.com

Exclusive offer for insight4grc

RSM’s Chamber offer

RSM is delighted to offer fellow Chamber members a free consultation (no obligation), which will include a 45-minute advisory call in which you will be asked a number of questions to help understand which, if any, part of the Insight4GRC suite would benefit your organisation. Should time permit, you will receive a demo or be offered a date to join a demo call.
If you need a risk management platform, want to ensure your employees have understood and accepted your company policies, or need to mitigate your liabilities, in a time-efficient and cost-effective way, then get in touch for a consultation.


RSM Employer's HR Health Check service

Organisations put their employees at the heart of their business plans. But in a fast-changing marketplace, focus often gets distracted from the fundamental elements of people management. Organisations need to continue to focus on employee matters, even when there are conflicting demands, and always understand the long-term risks posed by poor people management.

Management Risks

Common people management risks that employers face include:

- Old employment contracts not fit for purpose
- One-size-fits-all policies
- Inconsistent practices that don't effectively allow for growth
- Stale recruitment and retention processes
- Concerns over HR best practice in specific cases
- Lack of strategic planning for the future requirements of their workforce.

In order to combat this, RSM has created the RSM Employer's HR Health Check service. Suitable for businesses of any size, the health check initially highlights where people-related opportunities and risks may lie for your organisation. The initial health check includes:

- A snapshot of current HR practices via a conversation with one of RSM's HR consultants
- An initial risk register highlighting areas for further review and comprehensive HR auditing.

The RSM HR Health Check can pinpoint areas of concern and highlight where your time and focus should be spent.


RSM’s member offer

RSM is delighted to offer fellow members a free initial health check (no obligation), which will include a 60-minute advisory call to help you focus on the areas important to your organisation, and a HR health check-finding report. There are a select number of slots available.
Who will this offer be beneficial to?
If you need help in prioritising your HR focuses and management, and ensuring better people management practices for your business, regardless of size, then this health check may benefit you.