ESG Self Assesment

To exclusively support our members to understand ESG, where to start, create a defined ESG strategy and continuous improvements programme, we have collaborated with RSM UK who have provided the necessary tools to start that journey.

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ESG is fast becoming business critical and a license to operate for all businesses with Leadership Responsibility at its heart.

We have recognised a shift in the way organisations operate and how they interact with diverse stakeholders including investors, suppliers, markets, customers and our own staff.

At its most simple, ESG refers to three core pillars used as a lens to view business performance:
“E” - How a business interacts with and impacts the environment
“S” - How a business interacts with society creating value generation
“G” - How an organisation is governed

Tools available

What is the Self-Assessment Questionnaire?

The Self-Assessment Questionnaire identifies gaps in your management system for monitoring the ESG performanceacross areas including – policies, risk management, processes, metrics, and key performance Indicators.

Within the output summary, you will receive infographics and narrative support for areas where you may have gaps alongside suggested actions for improvement.

Tools available

What is an ESG Materiality Assessment?

Within this online assessment, for each of the three pillars of ESG, there will be a summary of key issues that may impact your business. You will select the areas within E, S and G that are applicable to your business, and then rate a further breakdown of topics based on the importance and impact on your business and crucially, your stakeholders (investors, customers, staff. Community shareholders)

The end result being, a summary of key issues that are specific to your business, that you can focus on to develop your ESG strategy.

How will the Guidance document help me to complete the assessment?

To support you to complete the self-assessment and ESG maturity, we have produced a guidance document that summarises all you need to know to start on your ESG journey or improve performance further.

This is intrinsically linked with the self-assessment so will support this output.


Access to a dedicated RSM UK consultant and a range of additional RSM UK services and software to support your organisation to develop in this area.