Business-Focused Workshops Connecting You

Business-Focused Workshops

When it comes to significant local, regional, national and international events and decisions that impacts profoundly on business – from general elections to mandatory legislation – collaboration is key to developing a unified voice for business.

That’s why the Chamber delivers highly-interactive events which bring together businesses of all sizes and sectors to better understand the current and future impact of such events and decisions, while at the same time feeding in to the conversation through connecting with peers, experts, stakeholders and those with significant influence.

Digital Growth Programme

The renowned and highly-respected Digital Growth Programme supports businesses in the region to embrace the digital world through fully-funded activity.
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Brexit Events

The Chamber provides comprehensive support when it comes to all aspects of Brexit and its effects, and likely effects, on business.
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How to secure public sector contracts

These free Chamber events focus on public procurement processes and help smaller organisations become more confident and effective in tendering for locally-available contracts and work.
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HR Forum

The Chamber’s HR Forum presents and discusses the latest updates in employment law, recruitment and training services, while our HR-focused training and support keeps you knowledgeable and compliant.
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