Helping you nurture talent more effectively

Having the right people in the right positions isn’t just crucial to individual businesses, it’s of paramount importance to future business growth and the wider economy in general. That’s why the Chamber places skills so high on its agenda.

The Chamber offers a multifaceted range of training solutions to help unlock the potential of your workforce and boost your business performance, along with helping young people and the unemployed to gain new skills and move into employment. It also provides a platform for employers to discuss wider skills issues.


Chamber Apprenticeships can bring huge benefits to businesses in the region. We understand the individual needs of businesses and that’s why our offering is so unique and effective.
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Bespoke Training

Every business has different training requirements. That’s why the Chamber - working closely with each individual business - can put together bespoke packages specifically to meet the needs of your business.
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Core Business Skills

Skills can take many forms and a business’s priorities can depend on a range of factors. That’s why the Chamber’s renowned training programme is so varied and comprehensive – and always relevant.
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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing platforms and techniques are constantly evolving and can be extremely effective. The Chamber’s expert marketing offering helps ensure businesses full harness the huge opportunities.
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International Trade

Trading internationally can be a positive and productive experience but in order to be successful you need the right insight and skills. The Chamber’s award-winning international team offers just that.
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Leadership and Management

While upskilling and empowering your workforce is hugely important, the continued development and evolution of those making business-critical decisions is equally essential to a business’s success.
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Skills Blogs

We have curated a series of blogs to offer tips for business skills and help your business to thrive
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Manufacturing Courses

Advanced manufacturing technologies are evolving, now in the 4th industrial revolution, digital technologies are constantly being developed. It is critical for manufacturers to stay ahead in the field....
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