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Bespoke Training

Flexibility is key when working with companies to support their bespoke training needs and East Midlands Chamber (Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire) are able to put together packages of training targeted specifically to meet the needs of your business.

BespokeA bespoke training package means you can cover as much ground as possible in a short time, gaining skills for specific tasks and getting focused attention for specific staff members.

The Chamber, working with a diverse group of quality assured external providers, will work with you to ensure the right ‘fit’ of delivery specialist and company requirements. A dedicated staff member will liaise with you throughout the programme, ensuring all your requirements are met and also completing a quality check with you following the course delivery.

Training is cost effective and relevant, making good use of time. We can deliver at your premises or hold the training at a venue suitable for you.

And surprisingly you don’t need huge groups; bespoke training courses can run with just a small number of staff and still be cost effective.

Quite simply we put you in the driving seat. Tell us your requirements and we will:

  • Assign a member of our team to liaise with you throughout the programme
  • Select the training specialist most suited to your needs
  • Work with you to design the course content
  • Arrange the course delivery at a convenient venue and at a time to suit your business needs

The Chamber is a leading provider of bespoke training. During 2017 we delivered over 100 bespoke training days to support member and non-member companies across the East Midlands area.


Feedback from companies include:

One-day Project Management for eight staff members

"We have some exceptional feedback from the training - with 2 people saying it's the best training they've been on in the last 5 years. Universally, everyone praised the trainer for his style, delivery and expertise. It was incredibly helpful and informative for people - so many thanks to both yourself and to your trainer for the time and efforts".

Five-day Management Training for five graduate staff members

"The feedback has all been very positive so far. The Myers Briggs showed that we had another group of leaders so that was definitely a positive! I heard them all laughing last Thursday so I know they enjoyed that session".

One-day Excel Training for six staff members

"Once again the feedback regarding the trainer was really positive and everyone enjoyed and felt they had got an awful lot out of the day".

Vicki Thompson, Business Training Manager said:

"We are very proud of our reputation as a lead provider of commercial training across the East Midlands area and beyond. Not only do we run a comprehensive range of open courses and development programmes to support individual companies, we also provide dedicated bespoke options for businesses to access – we are pleased to be the provider of choice for many local businesses".

In addition to our bespoke training packages we can tailor a range of 'Institute of Leadership and Management' (ILM) courses to suit your needs, for further information see the ILM Courses  page.

We can also support with Specialist Coaching and Consultancy. 

The Chamber is a leading provider of tailored training.

For further information contact Vicki Thompson, Business Training Manager, on 0333 320 0333 ext 2153 or email