Finance and Health & Safety Developing Skills

Finance and Health & Safety

While some skills are very specific and relevant to certain businesses and sectors, there are others that are crucial to the general makeup of business life. Indeed, there are skills that employees need to be competent in to ensure the continuity and running of a business.

The Chamber offers a wide range of courses that focus on developing and enhancing skills that fall into the ‘necessary’ category rather than the ‘desirable’. 

All courses are available as a bespoke option, for further information, please contact Vicki Thompson - or call 0333 320 0333.


These specially-designed courses cover the finance skills and knowledge needed to allow individuals in many roles to participate positively in a business’s financial dealings.
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Health & Safety

The Chamber offers high quality health and safety training options to help businesses fulfil legal requirements and, most importantly, keep their workforce safe and healthy.
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