IT and Digital Developing Skills

Taming your Inbox

It’s frightening how much time is wasted every day through inefficient use of email. Worse still is the effect email overload has on the wellbeing and productivity of the workforce.

Taming Your Inbox provides you with a way of controlling your emails now and forever.

Taming Your Inbox is a cohesive strategy for dealing with emails that will have you wondering why you ever worried about how many emails you receive a day.

This support is available as an onsite or an online course.  Maximum numbers per day is six delegates, minimum numbers per day is four delegates.

The cost for this training is £190.00 + VAT per person.

For more information contact Vicki Thompson on or call on 0333 320 0333 ext 2153.


“Taming Your Inbox” was very interactive, with Martin who is an excellent presenter. The first session was eye-opening to bust some myths and to allow reflection on how well (or not!) we use Outlook! The one-to-one sessions that followed afterwards were bespoke and provided the exact support required to tailor Outlook to the needs of the individuals in the team, and truly help us to tame our inboxes!

Matthew Turton - The Becket School