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Preference Rules Of Origin Relating to EU Countries - On-Line

Event Information:

Date: Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm

Member Price: £139.00+VAT

Non-Member Price: £199.00+VAT

As Importers, we are encouraged to trade with countries which have preferential trading agreements with us. The recent ‘Brexit’ deal is precisely one of these – but with all the member nations of the EU in one go. This is in the pricing interests of our UK customers.

As exporters, this deal allows many of our goods into EU Member states at zero, or vastly reduced tariff rates – again in the interests of our customers in those states.

For both these exercises, we need to provide specialised paperwork with our goods so that Customs on each side of the border can verify that the reduced rates of tariff are justified.

The course explores the current Rules of Origin agreed within the deal, how to establish where goods originate "officially", and our company’s internal factors 

Workshop programme in detail:

  • What are the Rules of Origin applicable to the European TCA
  • The importance of Commodity Codes
  • Preferential Origin
  • Non-Preferential Origin
  • Cumulation
  • The concepts of “Sufficient Working or Processing” and “wholly produced”
  • Tariff shift and value-added tests
  • Required Documentation
  • Internal documentation and procedures
  • Approved Exporter Scheme

Course outcome:

Delegates will have gained the knowledge of how origin is established in the EU-UK TCA for a range of products and the internal corporate requirements to support the process.

Who should attend:

Staff who work in Logistics, Accountancy, Import or Export shipping departments.

About the trainer:

The Trainer for this event is John Robinson, a long-standing member and Fellow of the Institute of Export. John has worked with the Chamber over a number of years to provide International Trade training courses of the very highest standard.

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