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International Trade Training

Essential Preparation for a Customs Audit

Importing & Exporting, Business Growth

11/03/2024 2:00 pm

11/03/2024 3:00 pm


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For further information on this event, please contact: Hannah Kerridge on 07741163242 or email


Now that Brexit has fully impacted the movement of goods between the UK and the EU, and many of the Covid restrictions have been lifted, there is increased HMRC Customs activity for many UK businesses. Many still struggle with the complexity and increased paperwork and do not have the resources to manage the issues compliantly.

HMRC are increasing their customs compliance audits and a visit can be daunting.


We can help your business prepare or navigate through any audit on your customs activities to help with compliance and to minimise any consequences.

HMRC can review imports declared up to three years prior to any audit, so businesses must ensure they have the correct documentation and processes in place. Failure to do so could result in significant customs debts and penalties which would not have been considered as part of your original costings.

Being proactive ensures there are no unexpected costs, which could affect profitability.

Without taking the necessary preventative action, businesses are taking a risk.

There are several key areas that HMRC look for when carrying out their audits and they will look to you as a business to have the correct audit trail in place along with supporting documentation, this includes having in-house management checks covering declarations made and 3rd party activity such as Customs agents/declarants.

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