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Generation Next

Generation Next (Members Only) – Empowering through Inclusive Leadership

Personal Development, People & Skills

15/10/2024 9:30 am

15/10/2024 10:30 am


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For further information on this event, please contact: Generation Next Team on 0333 320 0333 or email


Join us for an enlightening evening dedicated to “Empowering Through Inclusive Leadership.” This dynamic event explores the transformative power of inclusive leadership in today’s diverse world.


Discover strategies to foster an inclusive culture that celebrates differences, maximizes team potential, and drives innovation. Through this interactive webinar, you will gain practical insights and tools to harness the strength of diversity. Together, we’ll unlock the full potential of individuals and organisations, forging a path to a more equitable and successful future.

What outcomes can you expect from joining us

• Learn a comprehensive framework for fostering an inclusive workplace, enabling you to create an environment where all team members feel valued, heard, and motivated to contribute their best.
• Gain insights into practical strategies to attract and retain diverse talent, promoting a richer tapestry of perspectives and experiences that fuel innovation and success.
• Hear from an accomplished leader who has effectively championed inclusivity, offering real-world examples and actionable advice to inspire and guide your own inclusive leadership journey.

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