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HR Forum – Does your organisation have an AI Policy?

HR, Digital & IT

01/02/2024 10:00 am

01/02/2024 11:00 am



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For further information on this event, please contact: The Policy Team on 0333 320 0333 or email


Artificial Intelligence can be overwhelming to understand but also to realise what it means for a business in terms of their service and in particular their employees.

This online session, delivered in partnership with BRM Solicitors, will provide guidance and help answer some fundamental questions in terms of employment law and HR.


Topics to be covered include:

– What AI is in your business already and what do your employees know about it?
– What AI might already be in use?
– What AI can employees use?
– What is your AI policy?
– Do you need a written AI policy?
– How does AI overlap with other policies – GDPR/ data protection, information sharing, production of Intellectual property etc.
– What do you need to communicate to your employees and how?
– How often should you review?

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