Quarterly Economic Survey (QES) Helping You Influence

QES Reports

In partnership with the University of Leicester’s School of Business, the Chamber distils all the intelligence gathered from each Quarterly Economic Survey in a way that is easily digestible and interpretable to members and the wider business community in the form of a report.


The QES report is also benchmarked against past reports to offer clear indications as to changes in business confidence and priorities. As well as the current report, archives of past reports are also available to both Chamber members and the wider business community.

The Q3 fieldwork has been analysed and interpreted. Many thanks indeed to those that completed the survey; your support enables the Chamber to provide an authoritative barometer of the subtle changes in business confidence across the region. 

QES Q3 findings present an economic tale of two halves. The first half - looking at sales for the past quarter and orders for the following quarter - demonstrate a marked improvement from Q2. Aided by a good summer, businesses made hay while the sun shone. However, the second half – looking at longer term confidence, business plans to invest and anticipated price rises – suggest an economy that is much more uncertain about its medium- to long-term prospects.

To download the Q3 2018 full report, please click here.

To download previous reports, please click the links below.