Our Investment in you 

As you are our best asset we want to invest in our people, and so we offer the following to all our staff:

CPD (Continuous Personal Development)

Access to development, on the job or through formal training

Training Opportunities

Through our Business Training directory, you have access to a wealth of courses and opportunities to develop your skills or improve your knowledge


Being able to support an indivdual in developing a better understanding of a specific task or activity through the use of coaching is a proven method to driving positive results. 


It is widely acknowledged that providing support to individuals in this way is of great value both the individual being mentored and the more experienced person acting as the mentor

Job Shadowing

We actively encourage staff to spend time and observe tasks or activites with colleagues and partners to improve their understanding of a role or function. 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 

We are able to offer up to two days working within the community, developing new skills

Study Leave 

If you need to take time off to study we support you in doing that