The Application process

It is eays to work with us - just take three simple steps...

Step 1. Apply

Found a great role? Simply apply via email to by providing a covering letter detailing why you believe that you will add value to the role and the Chamber along with a copy of your CV. 

Your application will be sent over to the recruiting manager for shortlisting.

If you are successful at this stage, you will be invited to hold a telephone interview or attend a face-to-face interview at one of our Chamber sites.  If you not successful at this stage, you will be notified accordingly, by email or post. 

Step 2. Interview

You may be likely to have a telephone interview with someone in the Chamber HR team or the hiring department first, which may be prefaced by a questionnaire.

If this interview goes well, and you are chosen to go the next stage in the interviewing process, you will then be invited to an interview with the departmental or project manager, and other interview panel memberrs.

The structure of each interview will be confirmed at the time of inviting you to this stage.  Some interviews may require you to compile some research ahead of time; some may request you to  prepare a presentation to present to the interview panel. Whatever the requirements are these will be confirmed in advance and with sufficient notification. 

We try to arrange for this first interview to be onsite at one of the Chamber offices, and they will normally last for around an hour with a mix of interview questions and in some cases practical exercises.  

At the end of the interview, the interviewer will confirm next steps including timescales when you can expect an outcome to your interview. 

If that interview goes well, you may be invited back for other rounds depending on the role.

Step 3. Decide

We make informed decisions at each stage of our process, we track these and applicants are scored against the role criteria.

Following interviews, those candidates that are not successful will be contacted via telephone by the recruiting manager and given some feedback, if requested to do so.

The successful applicant will be contacted, made an offer and this is followed up in writing.

Once a start date is confirmed, the contract will be sent out for signing accordingly.

Further information regarding inductions and what you will do on your first day will be included, and at any point you may have a question you can speak to the recruiting manager or HR we are more than happy to help.