Work Experience 

The Chamber are advocates and supporters of providing real-life work experiences to young people who are looking to develop a knowledge and insight into the world of work.

In the recent past we have supported a number of secondary schools in the region in placing their students in our workplace to get a better understanding of an area that the student might want to consider as a future career path. We also work with many of the regions Colleges and Universities and have had a number of graduates work on specific projects to aid their course work or studies.

We have all the necessary safeguarding, health and safety and liability insurances in place to make this process very easy and compliant.   

We welcome any enquiries from educational establishments or inviduals themselves who may want to spend some time voluntarily working and gaining experience at the Chamber. 

In the first instance please contact with the following details :

  • Your name
  • Your address 
  • Your contact details - ideally email and telephone 
  • The type of work experience you are looking for 
  • When would you like the work experience to take place and for how long - eg a week, a month, several months etc. 
  • Any other information that you feel might be relevant to your request

A member of the HR team will then get back to you to discuss the opportunities and the next steps to take.