Your Responsibilities

There are many tasks that each employee is required to deliver as part of their role, but as a member the of the Chamber workforce, everyone is expected to do their bit. 

Contributing to the Organisation

The Chamber adopts a collaborative approach to engagement and interaction with its colleagues. It actively encourages and invites employees to get involved and to contribute to the direction, development and success of the business. There are a number of specific opportunities where you can purt forward your specific ideas and suggestions and see them come to fruition - how satisfying would that be. 

Monitoring and achieving key performance indicators

The organisation publishes annual key performance indicators (KPI's), and expects each staff member to be aware of them, how their job impacts on the result, and helps their team monitor and manage the results.

Living by Organisational Values

The four core Chamber values of: Supporting Others; Being Creative: Celebrating Success and Taking Responsibility are integrated into everything that we do, and each staff members performance is monitored against these values. 

Adopting Best Practice and sharing with colleagues 

The diverse nature of the business means that the skills and experiences of our workforce is also just as varied.  This provides each employee with the opportunity and responsibility to help the company perform better by making recommendations for improvements or different ways of working.  

Understanding the Chamber and how it can enhance businesses and communities within the East Midlands

We ask that all staff take every opportunity and responsibility to research and update themselves on the wide range of products, and services that the Chamber offers its members and non-members.  That way, we will be able to continue to deliver an excellent customer service to all businesses, communities and individuals - whatever the nature of their enquiry or engagement is with us.