International Membership - Could You Save £1000's?

Does your company trade internationally? If the answers yes, you could potentially save thousands of pounds every year and benefit from unique networking opportunities by joining as an International Trade Member.


Price stucture for International Trade Membership

International Trade Membership Prices as at 1 April 2019:

Number of Employees Member Rate (£) VAT (£) Total Price inc. VAT (£)  
1 340.00 68.00 408.00  
2 to 10 440.00 88.00 528.00  
11 to 50 560.00 112.00 672.00  
51 to 100


145.00 870.00  
101 to 200 1,180.00 236.00 1,416.00  
201 to 500 1,570.00 314.00 1,884.00  
501 plus


380.00 2,280.00  

Advantages above and beyond the Standard Membership Package

The Chamber’s International Trade Membership can provide your business with a tailored mix of expert advice relevant to your business size, sector and experience. It also includes enhanced Chamber services focused on international trade, plus a wide range of discounts on services you’re probably using or are likely to need.

International Trade Membership Benefits include:

  • Free Tate’s International Trade Briefing plus 10% discount on Tate’s Export Guide – the leading international trade reference publication
  • Six free upgrades to Premium Documentation – giving you a speedier service/putting your documents to the top of the queue
  • Free international payments – with huge potential savings
  • 40% discount on HMRC Compliance Review – minimising the risk on importing and exporting
  • Discounted translation and linguistic services – helping you navigate new markets and cultures
  • Discounts on second and subsequent international student placements – embed market knowledge
  • Free freight forwarder review and findings report – improving your processes
  • Optimised trade and accelerated growth opportunities


The optimised route to increasing international business

With access to specialist advice and overseas trading experts you can quickly establish the optimised route to increasing international business for your organisation. Whether you are looking to explore new markets and learn from the experiences of others, or benefit from being part of a larger network of like-minded members – the Chamber’s International Trade Membership will help you accelerate growth and profitability from overseas trade.


Would you like to discuss an aspect of Chamber membership?

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Whatever your organisation’s size, industry type and location, ask yourself this question: If becoming a member actually saves me more than the subscription – as well as providing hundreds of tangible and added-value benefits and opportunities - what’s the reason for not becoming a member?

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